Friday, August 1, 2008

More Beme Seed - top 3 songs

Following up on the previous Beme Seed video post, here are some Beme Seed songs to peruse and hopefully persuade you into being a fan.

All three Beme Seed albums have long been out of print, but if you're lucky you can find them online somewhere for sale as vinyl, cassette and CD.  The first album is UK import only, so is much more rare I would believe, especially to find it on CD, as CD's were still a new format in 1989 when that LP came out.

I picked what I consider the best song from each album, although thats an arduous task as there are quite a few equally wonderful tracks on each LP.  So listen up!

Old New Song from "Lights Unfold" (1990 No. 6 Records/Rough Trade)

Flange Song from "Purify" (1992 No. 6 Records/Caroline)

The Love That Touches from "Beme Seed" (aka "The Future Is Attacking") (1989 Blast First!/Mute)


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