Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hiroshima Bomb Anniversary pt. 1

Back in 1945 on this day we americans tried out an effective new strategy of urban renewal on a small city in western Japan housing the center of operations for the Imperial Japanese Navy and the defacto best fast food in Japan, hiroshima-style okonomiyaki and all the young sailors and noodle chefs therein, many of whom would never have the pleasure to set sea or eat yummy food again after that day. Years later its a wonderful place to visit, and I am honestly thinking about retiring there someday.  

Here are some pix to remind us how good we have it that we werent there on the business end of american made technology.

(I wouldnt put it past the good old us govt to try out this method of eminent domain real estate rezoning on New York City someday. Get rid of a bunch of undesirable poor people and then pave the whole place over sim-city style with luxury condos.  I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg drools over this scenario)

the a-bomb dome in hiroshima peace park.  sitting at the exact ground zero, it escaped total destruction due to basic laws of blast physics.  also note the rest of city was mostly made of wood, so stone buildings stood a modestly better chance.  even tho, its a total wreck when you really look at it.

The Old Bank of Japan Building, a quarter mile away from ground zero, was in much better shape than the a-bomb dome, but therefore doesnt make a good image of the brutality of war.  It stands refurbished as a museum now.

btw, here's a good commentary everyone should read concerning this anniversary event.  Hell, one might suppose that if the US Govt could destroy a couple entire cities  (not to forget the fire bombings of Tokyo which actually killed more people than the atomic bombs, and the fire bombings in other cities of Japan and Germany) then perhaps the 9-11 conspiracy concept of the US knowingly killing a mere few thousand people cant be too hard to imagine as a possibility.

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