Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PS122 Benefit TONITE

As a long-time friend, supporter and performer at PS122, I'll be working for this event tonight. It is going to be super fabulous and I'm so excited. Over the years I've seen great performances at PS122, including their always titillating Avant-Garde-A-Rama series, the thrilling "Charlie Victor Romeo" show consisting of the reenactments of real life airplane black-box distress calls starring the super talented Nole Dineen, Schoolhouse Roxx presented by Travis Chamberlain who is now running the works over at the New Museum, and much more.

The benefit tonight is based on "Dancing With The Stars" and calls itself, "REAL dancing with the REAL stars". More info is below:

PS -- They needed 2 last minute ushers so if you're interested in volunteering in exchange to see the show, email asap and I'll try to hook it up!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fucking fascinating -- that's the only way to describe it. Of course, there are skeptics that think it's all fake, but still, fake or not, I want one as a pet.

Friday, May 22, 2009




Undoubtedly the most awesome band ever, The Revillos came from Glasgow Scotland in 1979 and bridged the punk, retro and pop genres to form the perfect rock band. FYI, Singers Faye Fife and Eugene Reynolds (originally of equally amazing Rezillos) are still doing their twangy rock thing in 2009 playing the occasional Rezillos show and writing some new songs. And drummer Rocky Rhythm has a new tell all autobiography out! I saw The Rezillos played their 30th anniversary tour in New Jersey a few years ago and it was a joy to behold. Now if only The Revillos can play NYC (they havent since 1981 when I first heard them interviewed on WNYU radio and became an instant fan) then I can die happy.

Check out the videos below, and at bottom is a BBC documentary about Faye and Eugene and their experiences fronting both Rezillos and Revillos.

go to the Official Revillos Website for complete information and lots more Revillia and check the Revillos myspace page too

X Ray Spex

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey! You! Are you looking for a few fun things to do tonight and tomorrow? I dunno, maybe you have relatives in town or just have an inkling to see something different and fun tonight. Well, I did your dirty work for you. You're welcome.

TUESDAY (tonight):
Alison Grillo's JOKES N GENDER @ Underground Lounge
107th and West End Ave
showtime 7:30 PM sharp
ABOUT THE SHOW: Comedians ruminate on gender issues!

AND WED (tomorrow):
Nick Ferris's REGRETS @ a gallery in Tribeca just 1 block south of Canal on Broadway
6:30 - 10 with an after party at Madame X
ABOUT THE SHOW: A mixture of photographic, short films, poetry and sculptures on the theme of Regrets.
with comedian Lori Chase, live models, DJ -- very different from your standard gallery opening, and
it's to raise money for charity. Visit for more info.

SKITS'N'TITS! @ Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery
10 PM, $5
ABOUT THE SHOW: This mad party is truly a whimsical delight! Comedians Murray Hill, Kevin Allison (The State), Seth Herzog and Mike Amato bemuse, hot burlesque dancers tantalize, and sketch group "FFF" (or Funny Filthy Floozies) offers a new video and 2 new sketches, one about...dun-dun-dun...STAR TREK!

Don't miss ANY of these shows. Or you will get swine flu.