Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rare Lost Video - Beme Seed "God Inside" (1989)

Beme Seed was a band I happen to have had the honor of playing in way back when. At the time they were somewhat obscure Boston/NYC based neo-psych band but were on the radar of all the major indie labels and headed for greatness based on their 3 outstanding albums (1 and a half of which I contributed to, which personally scared the shit out of me since I was originally a fan of the band and now had to actually co-create with them.) It's a crying shame that their  albums were never re-released, but I'm hoping the copyright owners (I'm talking to you Michael & Kenny) will get off yr butt and make a greatest hits album at least, if not a nice box set.  This is late 80's punk-psychedelia at its finest, and needs to be heard again.

The video here is "God Inside" from the first album.  the album was put out by Blast First! the uk label that handled uk pressings of Butthole Surfers, Big Black, Sonic Youth and more, but I doubt the label really had anything to do with the video, as they were pretty tight with money. The video was done for free by a guy who was trying to get on the butthole's good side (and who wasnt?) and features ex-Butthole dancer, now Beme Seed lead singer Kathleen Lynch and no actual other band members, which is odd considering the democratic nature of the band yet still effective.  Kathleen btw is portrayed in the video in her Butthole Surfers persona, which if a far cry from the reserved, demure and intellectual character she was in Beme Seed.  (She's great singer, and to me channels both Siouxsie and Janis Joplin at times).  Perhaps if you read this Kathleen, post some more stories about this video in the comments...

I think I may be one of the only people on earth with a copy of this video (banned from MTV for being too cutting edge in its day), and unfortunately mine is a second generation dub from vhs, digitized for yr convenience.  


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