Friday, January 8, 2010


RAY's on AVE A may have to say laterzzz
by Jessica Delfino

The local NYC joint is on the skids due to the financial catastrophe of oh nine. A victim of the modern age and money issues, Ray, in his 70s, is facing a crisis.

More HERE from Gothamist too

So many have been lost in the money crunch. I saw Love Saves The Day hit the dust, which
just broke my heart because I loved that dusty little hell hole. Other spots which beat
it were the awesome Good World (though I heard that place just 'moved' but STILL, it's no longer four steps and a hop away from my place anymore) and a few other places that are skipping my mind just like they skipped town.

Turns out a small gathering of local art-ctivists are going to stand in front of the place and form a human wall to keep the body guard from bolting the doors shut, as the landlord promised to do later today. I tried to find a phone number and I can't, so if you want to help, just show up at Ray's around 5 pm on Ave A between 7th and A.

Another quick and easy way to help: Eat at Ray's today and tell everyone you know to eat at Ray's today! Order food for your office there today! And then donate a little extra, too.

Photos of Ray's, and more information HERE

From my friend's FB post:

PLEASE repost to help save Ray's on Ave A (btwn 7th & A) Ray Alvarez is in his 70's & owns & operates Rays. You can get truly amazing egg creams, rasberry lime rickeys, pomme frites (which I ONLY like from here!) from a true neighborhood character & institution. It would be HEARTBREAKING to see this place go...

Jeezuz Christ he's 77 yrs. old & has been there since 1974 according to EV Grieve. It will be horrible for him he can't work @ his place or stay open @ all...

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