Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PS122 Benefit TONITE

As a long-time friend, supporter and performer at PS122, I'll be working for this event tonight. It is going to be super fabulous and I'm so excited. Over the years I've seen great performances at PS122, including their always titillating Avant-Garde-A-Rama series, the thrilling "Charlie Victor Romeo" show consisting of the reenactments of real life airplane black-box distress calls starring the super talented Nole Dineen, Schoolhouse Roxx presented by Travis Chamberlain who is now running the works over at the New Museum, and much more.

The benefit tonight is based on "Dancing With The Stars" and calls itself, "REAL dancing with the REAL stars". More info is below:

PS -- They needed 2 last minute ushers so if you're interested in volunteering in exchange to see the show, email asap and I'll try to hook it up!

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