Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Die Roten Punkte -- not just for punks

Die Roten Punkte AKA The Red Dots

A friend recommended I see Die Roten Punkte (from Australia) after he happened to catch them
at an open mic in Manhattan last Tuesday. Has someone suggested you see a
band or show and you actually get up off your lazy ass and go, and then you
are so freaking delighted that you did because they are the coolest thing you've
seen in awhile?

That's Die Roten Punkte, or "The Red Dots".

The "brother and sister band from Berlin" Otto and Astrid Rot are the most fun
I've had in a weekend in a long time. They put on a funny show of original, incredibly
catchy rock sprinkled throughout with very silly little bits. I rarely see musical
comedy I really love, and I do love them.

They were here in NYC doing shows at the St. Marks' Theater, they created a
little whirlwind in town going from a light to packed house over the course
of a few days, and now they're gone again, jiggity jig. If you want to see them
now, you'll have to drive up to Canada, as they're on a 9 city tour across our
neighbors to the north.

You can also hear their music HERE.

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