Friday, December 5, 2008

La Superette


Do you guys love to buy weird shit made by kooky bitches and shyly cute skinny pants wearing dudes? If so, this is your craft fair. Entertainment, home-made crafts and other neat treats. I, Jessica Delfino will be there selling my holiday ornaments which are made out of (unused) tampons. I don't use tampers because they are made using chemicals and bleach which are two things I prefer to keep on the *outside* of my vagina. You can email me at to order yours in advance. At $5 a piece, they are recession proof, my friends!

Click here for more info on La Superette

Opening party celebration:

Friday, December 12 :: Opening Night
A pre-shopping evening of live music and video with:
:: Lucky Dragons
:::: Fat Worm of Error
:: Madame Chao
:::: Aa (Big A little a)
Doors at 8pm :: $8

Then, during the sale entertainment while you shop!

Saturday, December 13
:: 2pm :: Greg Peterson
:::: 3pm :: Mannequin Circus
:: 4pm :: MP Lockwood
:::: 5pm :: Marisa Olson
:: 6pm :: Scott Kildall
:::: 7pm :: Twistycat

Sunday, December 14
:: 1pm :: Dafna Naftali
:::: 2pm :: Warren Malone
:: 3pm :: Whistling Rufus
:::: 4pm :: Hank Plank and the 2x4s
:: 5pm :: Noveller

+ Guest DJ's in between bands throughout the weekend

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